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fibre composites
lightweight construction systems

Some references

In more than 10 years on the market and through numerous projects, KS Composite & Protection GmbH has acquired extensive references in the following areas:

lightweight construction

  • Process development vacuum infusion and RTM light
  • Silicone membrane development
  • Fire protection solutions (for rail and marine applications)
  • Integration of sensors
  • Integration of heating systems
  • Matrix systems
  • Personal and vehicle protection

Construction of antiballistic lightweight systems

  • Process development out-of-autoclave processing
  • Bullet tests up to VPAM test level 12
  • vehicle integration

ceramics industry

  • virtually joint-free laying and bonding of ceramic tiles with tolerances (Al2O3 and SiC )

Textile and chemical industry

  • Processing of thermoplastic and reactive adhesive films
  • Bonding of PE tapes

Details on the individual projects and the cooperation partners are available on request.